Thursday, July 16, 2015

Join the Green Party's #Latinx Caucus! (from Andrea Mérida)

Those interested should contact Andrea Mérida directly. Her e-mail address is     


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Subject: Re: [dcsgp] Join the Green Party's Latinx Caucus! (from Andrea Mérida)

Good to hear from you Norberto.  Please note the place in the bottom email for joining with others.  Does anyone out there want to work on this?  

G. Lee Aikin, DC Statehood Green Party

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Subject: Re: [dcsgp] Join the Green Party's Latinx Caucus! (from Andrea Mérida)

Good day to all, it is true, i was planning to create a Latino Caucus for the green party but was not able to.  If someone or more than one is interested we can work on it together.  Let me know, my name is Norberto and my cell is 202-706-2176. Gracias

On Tuesday, July 7, 2015, lee aikin <> wrote:
Hi Scott:  Several years ago I was working with one of our DCSGP member, Norberto Martinez, to increase contact with our Hispanic DCSGP voters.  I prepared a list of about 200 Hispanic sounding names from our party list.  He was expecting his third child at the time and I don't think anything was done with the material I provided.  It was names and addresses, but no email or phone numbers.  If you think this list could be useful I will try to find it.  Cheers, Lee

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Subject: [dcsgp] Join the Green Party's Latinx Caucus! (from Andrea Mérida)

(Message from Andrea Mérida, member of the Green Party's national steering committee)                             

We are recruiting for the GPUS Latinx caucus and need your help. Please pass the following post to your fellow Greens of Latino/Indigenous descent:


Let's build this Latinx caucus!

Please take time to reconfirm your information

¡Hola, compañera/o!

A few years ago, you may have signed up as a member of the Green Party of the United States' Latino Caucus, which was under formation.

I'm reaching out to you today to ask you to reconfirm your support of the caucus. We're working on re-launching our effort for official recognition.

Would you please visit this link to add your information again?

Our current status is this:

We have notified the Party that we're re-applying for recognition.

We're working on a first draft of the bylaws and platform.

We have a slot scheduled for a presentation at the Green Party Annual National Meeting in July (find out more about the meeting at and please consider coming).

Once we have our list of members re-confirmed, the previous co-chairs will host a teleconference to talk about our vision and next steps.

If you want to get more deeply involved in this process, please respond to me at, and let me know.

What is this "Latinx" business? It's used to include Latin@s who do not identify with either gender. Learn more here:

Please consider re-confirming your support of the Latino/a/x caucus by filling out your information here:

¡Muchísimas gracias!