Monday, September 9, 2013

Please read this! A message to the Global Greens from the Syrian Green Party #DontAttackSyria #NoWarWithSyria #PeaceNotWar

Please read this! A message to the Global Greens from the Syrian Green Party: Reminder message ..Of environmental Syrian Party (Greens) to all sister Green parties in Europe and the world.

That the war intend to do by the United States of America against Syria. Would have disastrous effects of radiation on average rockets and missiles and will pay the price every person living on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea ..... Would harm us and future generations .. We have to stand against this aggression
Leader countries should push for peaceful world, not for wars.
Drive your country for healthy economy. WARS mean crisis.
Don’t let immoral media cheating you once again. WAR costs a lot of your own.
Syria is fighting the same enemy who attacked you, be fair and say NO to war against Syria.
Obama is just a president, you are a nation. Please don’t mix.
You pay taxes to improve your life, not to be absorbed by wars.
WAR is the point of hate, peace is our final goal.
US Administration is against Syria, the country of 7000 years of civilization, while supporting another behind-history country, just like Saudi Arabia, wherein the woman has no right at all, even in driving a car. It is true.
The terrorist groups we are fighting in Syria have no further directions except you; they say.
Don’t allow your administration to be the police of the world; policemen usually retire early.
Democracy could not be carried on Battleships; it only can be carried by mind.
Believe we had enough destruction in our country caused by terrorists, vote NO against more.
If you want to know what kind of terrorists we fight in Syria, just look to their black flags; color of death.
Syrian Arab Army has many legal powerful choices to fight the terrorism, with no importance to use Chemical Weapons. Think about those terrorists who have no choices except making massacres.
Those terrorists and extremists who call you to strike our country, do you really think they know what does FREEDOM mean? Vote NO to them; vote NO to war against Syria.
Syrian children are just like American ones. They dream of same toys and look for same future, this encourage all of us to think about PEACE for them. Vote NO to war.
As a great power, USA should handle the Syrian issue with smart, humanitarian and civilized solution. Not with military action.
No one wishes to see Iraqi tragedy comes again. No one wishes to see how the war drains human and science resources that much once again)
It is very clear that nobody in the world wants this war. Why do you push toward it?
Why do you want to make USA and the Americans disliked by others? USA should be a message for peace, not for war.
How many people should be killed in the name of protecting human rights?
In the name of protecting a child, do you want to see another one killed?
You’re also killing children by orphaning them, Stop killing Syrian Arab Army soldiers.
America, blood does not wash blood. Do you have a doubt?
Have you ever asked yourselves why and how The Syrian Arab Army was able to withstand for two and a half years?
Appeal to all parties, the Greens and the environment in the world ...
We are Syrian Environmental Party (Greens) appeal to all parties greens sister in the world to be with us against the U.S. aggression on Syria an independent state. We emphasize that the war in Syria is between terrorist organizations and al-Qaeda on the one hand and between the army supported by the Syrian people from second hand. And to use nerve gas and all the crimes that are located in Syria are doing-Qaeda and takfirist groups backed Gulf governments, led by the Saudi regime and Qatar. We emphasize that the Syrian army has not used any of internationally banned weapons.
Thank you ..
Green Party. Syria.
Syria, the first person in the history of the invention of the character and language
Syria is one of the gave the Greeks character and philosophy and love
Syria is a secular state. And where more than 30 sect, religion and everyone is protected by law.
Syria enemy of al-Qaeda and the rulers of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, who are killing people by the sword
Syria is the victim of the media liar.
Defend Syria today means to defend civil and civilization of life and love