Friday, June 1, 2012

NY Green candidate Colin Beavan responds to Jeffries' (Dem) withdrawal from congressional debate #occupycongress #VoteGreen

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Central Brooklyn Democratic candidate for U.S. Congress Hakeem Jeffries today pulled out of a debate to be held on Monday by a neighborhood association after the association expanded the debate to include Green candidate Colin Beavan, author of the film and subject of the documentary No Impact Man. The Fort Greene Association had originally invited only Democrats to participate but then decided to include all candidates.

Says Colin Beavan, “Mr. Jeffries still has time to admit his mistake and change his mind. We are in the middle of world crises as the consumption-based economy begins to fail, climate change terrorizes the poor around the world, and our oil runs out. The last thing we need at this important historical crossroads is to stifle the discussions important to democracy.”

The Fort Greene Association had originally invited only the Democrats to the debate, reasoning that only those involved in the Democratic primary should participate. After a request from the Beavan campaign, the Association widened the terms of the debate to include Beavan (the Green candidate) as well as the Republican candidate. Mr. Jeffries’ campaign then wrote to the Fort Greene Association withdrawing Mr. Jeffries’ participation, citing the “confusion this poses to the electorate.”

Says Colin Beavan, “Old-fashioned politicians should put more faith in the intelligence of voters and less in the campaign donations they collect from the corporations. We need to occupy politics with people rather than corporate money. Mr. Jeffries decision can only disengage voters. A politician who cares for true democracy knows this, which is why we applaud Charles Barron, Mr Jeffries rival for the Democratic nomination, for staying in the debate as planned.”

Colin Beavan’s campaign will take no contributions from corporations and is currently run by an all-volunteer group of citizens who have decided to leave their previous party affiliations out of disillusionment with the lack of solution-based conversation in American politics. The non-electoral goals of Beavan’s campaign include:

• Instigating conversation about emergent world issues effectively ignored by Democrats and Republicans
• Modeling civility and cooperation in politics
• Massive voter registration
• By running a volunteer campaign organization, modeling renewed civic participation to community, nation, and world
• Promoting community self-determination


Colin Beavan rose to prominence as a spokesperson on environmental and quality of life issues after his year-long experiment in extreme environmental living, No Impact Man, exploded in the international media. He is the founder and executive director of No Impact Project, an international non-profit that empowers citizens to make choices that support the planet, their communities, and help them live a happier, healthier life.

A long-time activist, he sits on the board of directors of New York City’s Transportation Alternatives, and is on the advisory councils of Just Food and , a global organization dedicated to solving the climate crisis. Prior to becoming a champion of the environment, Colin earned his PhD at the University of Liverpool, spent a decade helping social housing providers, drug treatment agencies and hospitals get funding, and wrote books.

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