Thursday, July 26, 2012

#totn Cheri Honkala: Help the Stein/Honkala campaign overcome rigged elections #BallotAccess #FairElections #GP2012

HONKALA: How we overcome rigged elections

How do we overcome a rigged political system?

With every ounce of power we have.

In Philadelphia, Greens and our allies are out in our communities hour-by-hour collecting signatures to put us on the ballot. In the videos below, you can see us getting ready to go out petitioning yesterday. [See the web page for the video in English & Spanish]

Pennsylvania is the state where the Liberty Bell first rang.

But today it is a state where one major party plots to use new restrictions to keep millions of poor people from voting. And it is the state where the the other major party spends a fortune to keep the Greens and other voices off the ballot.

I don't accept that Pennsylvania voters will be turned away from the polls, or prevented from voting for the candidates of their choice.

That's why I and dozens of others here are working to make sure we get the 40,000 signatures we need to get on the Pennsylvania ballot.

Please help us overcome rigged elections in Pennsylvania. Help us raise the $60,000 we need to ensure a place on ballot in this keystone state. (

Don't let them shut us out, shut us up, or shut down the promise of free and fair elections. Do make a donation for Pennsylvania. (

 ~ Cheri Honkala
    Green Party nominee for Vice President
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania