Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Feb. 4 Noon White House; protest for No War on Iran. 45 cities protesting

DC Statehood Green Party

Join members of an ad hoc group of DC activists. See old friends. Let's stop THIS war!!!

Demanding No War, No Sanctions, No Intervention,
No Assassinations on Iran!

New York, NY – On Saturday, Feb. 4th protests are scheduled in over 45 U.S. Cities - rallies, marches, vigils, and occupy protestors will gather to demand "NO War on Iran! NO U.S.-Israeli Aggression against Iran!"

Over sixty national and international organizations, from New York City to San Franciso, to Tampa to Chicago to Norfolk to Washington DC; in Canada, Ireland, India, and Norway anti-war activists will be staging peaceful but loud street actions to:

· notify the U. S. Government - from Obama & Congress down to local city and state governments – and from Israel to AIPAC, which has constantly threatened to bomb Iran – that the 99% will NOT accept another war;

· stop crippling sanctions against the people of Iran, stop cyber attacks & drone surveillance and stop assassinations of Iranian Scientists!

· not accept another abuse of our national resources, our human resources and the security of a peaceful and prosperous life;

· not allow another theft of the national budget for killing!


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Where: Cities Across the U.S. - Check listings at

-- Carol Moore in DC